Dr. Carmela Washington-Harvey’s private practice includes working with children, families, couples and individuals (age 6 through 60 plus) that are struggling with coming to terms with issues such as past or present trauma, gambling addiction, dysfunctional behavior, conflict resolution, and ADHD/ADD in an attempt to diminish/extinguish their effects on individual self-esteem and adaptive function in order to restore or move towards healthy self-awareness and self-empowerment.

Dr. Washington-Harvey is a court appointed Guardian ad Litem in Family Court in King County.

Dr. Washington-Harvey is a state certified treatment provider for problem gamblers and has a contract with the State of Washington, Division of Alcohol and Substance Abuse to provide treatment for gamblers and family members in need of this service.

Dr. Washington-Harvey is nationally board certified as a Mental Health Forensic Evaluator and Child Custody Evaluator.

Dr. Washington-Harvey currently holds a contract with the State of Washington, Department of Social and Family Services, Division of Children and Family Services and the Federal Government to provide Psychological/Social Evaluations, Parenting Evaluations, Parenting and Bonding Assessments, Educational Assessments, individual and family counseling, and parent instruction.

Dr. Washington-Harvey also holds a contract with the State of Washington, Department of Social and Family Services, to provide Family Preservation Services to eligible families. In this work she sub-contracts with other therapists to direct and guide in-home services to families in crisis or transition.

Dr. Washington-Harvey also works as a consultant to evaluate the impact of family systems, educational and childcare programs and services on student achievement and parental involvement. In that work she trains community members as peer researchers while collaborating with interested individuals that include, but are not limited to, educators, community members and service providers in order to capture qualitative and quantitative data to assess the impact of public policy on the lives of children and families. Examples of her work include a feasibility study for culturally relevant childcare program for the Central Area Motivation Program (CAMP), and a study on childcare issues in King County through the eyes of the childcare providers and families from various ethnic and special groups. She also completed a study for the City of Seattle Human Services Department that focused on the effectiveness of family involvement and volunteer programs in those Seattle Public Schools receiving levy funds through the City of Seattle and has for two consecutive years (2002-3 and 2003-4) provided analysis for the Puyallup School Districts use of federal funds in their attempts to improve student learning and teacher skills.

Dr. Washington-Harvey has worked in education, city, county government and private practice for over twenty years as a program analyst, administrator, mental health provider, psychotherapist, and lecturer. Her PH.D is in Education with an emphasis in lifespan development, evaluation and testing is from Claremont Graduate School. She has worked in educational settings as Director(s) of Outreach/School Relations, Counseling, Retention and Learning Services, and other family and student-centered programs for over 10 years. Her research interest and expertise include the influence of family, multiculturalism, self-concept, and gender on student/child emotional and social development.

Dr. Washington-Harvey has also worked with K-12 and college faculty, and human services professionals to develop culturally relevant counseling services, programs, and curriculum in order to boost self-concept, transition to independent living, academic performance and career aspirations for both middle and high school students. She presents workshops in the areas of cultural diversity, conflict resolution, advocacy, child/student development and learning theory.

Dr. Washington-Harvey has been responsible for the development of programs and services designed to promote and enhance student self-concept and parental involvement through the use of collaborative and cooperative learning instructional methods. She was part of a study group from the United States that went to South Africa in 1997 to learn about the impact of the educational and community-based institutions and organizations on the educational and economic well-being of South Africans with the intent of recommending ways to develop collaborative bridges between the U.S. and South Africa.

Dr. Washington Harvey formerly served on the statewide Problem Gambling Advisory Board; Department of Social and Health Services, Division of Children and Family Services, Statewide Protocol Planning Committee, and collaborator on a project funded by the State Supreme Court in 2006 that invited a select number of experts to develop guidelines/standards for parenting evaluations that would be used in dependency and possibly Family Court.